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Pet Travel & Health Certificates

Our doctors are USDA-certified to produce documentation for your pet’s international and domestic travel. International Travel and Hawaii We strongly suggest that you initiate this process at least eight weeks before you plan to travel. A rabies titer is sometimes required, and the results can take over four weeks to be returned to us. Before … Read morePet Travel & Health Certificates

OFA & Penn Hip Certification


OFA Certification is a subjective radiographic evaluation of hips and/or elbows of canines that are done after 2 years of age (can be required for breeding). For more information ask Dr. Dubbs, or see the OFA website. Penn HIP Certification is a hip screening procedure capable of estimating the susceptibility for Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD) in dogs as … Read moreOFA & Penn Hip Certification

K-Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

Pine Creek Veterinary has a commitment to offering the latest technology to improve your pet’s health, manage pain and speed healing. While cold laser therapy has been a part of veterinary treatment for some time, Class IV K-laser therapy is an FDA-cleared advancement in this technology that enables your veterinarian to penetrate more deeply into … Read moreK-Laser Therapy



We firmly believe in microchipping all pets at Pine Creek Veterinary Associates. Microchips are safe and simple forms of identification that can’t get stolen, lost or damaged. These devices will greatly increase the chances that a lost pet will get home safely. A microchip is similar in size to a grain of rice. It is … Read moreMicrochipping