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The staff is great. Everyone genuinely cares about my pet and they all ask how she is doing and how my other pets are. They even remember my other pets names and it shows they care. Plus, when I have questions and concerns they take the time to listen and find out the information if they don’t know it off the top of their head which makes me feel confident they want to help.


Amazing experience! I was visiting family from out of town and needed to make an unexpected vet visit. They got my pup right in and all fixed up. Staff was absolutely phenomenal. Thank you all so much!


Great folks providing great care.


Awesome staff. Dr. Dubbs has no problem breaking things down into layman’s terms and sticks to the issue you have in question and does not lead off subject to “make money”. He genuinely cares about his job. Many thanks.

~David M.

When my vet couldn’t fit us in for an emergency appt, we called 4 other vets in the area. Pine Creek Vet, didn’t have any openings, but still fit my puppy in, took care of her abscess and kept me informed throughout her stay. I recommend them to everyone I know!

~Michelle M.

Fantastic service and staff. We had an emergency a few months ago and they were the only place still open in the evening hours. Dr. Reese went out of his way to ensure that our baby was taken care of. We are so grateful to all of the staff there.

~Larisha W.

As an overly attached cat man, I felt a bliss going to this place. The staff were pleasant and reassuring with my animal. The best part is the vet stayed and answered my questions instead of pawning it off onto the nurse like most would. Also, the surprise $20 off the first-time visit was nice too!

~Zachary B.

The most caring and attentive staff of technicians and veterinarians around. We are very happy with the service and care our furry family members receive. Thank you.

~Marci D.

Brought my Sweet Beignet and big Murphy in yesterday for blood work, shots, bravecto, etc. Rachel was our awesome Vet tech and Dr. Reese was our vet. Nice office, great staff, very informative and helpful. Everyone loved my babies and just made everything so easy. If you haven’t been here, go see them.

~Amanda W.

As a new doggy mom, I was worried about getting the right care for my Molly. She’s a very shy dog who is afraid of people and new surroundings, and the staff did wonderfully with her! They were understanding, and Molly even let one of the techs hold her leash and love her up. Dogs know good souls, and she found some today! Thank you so much for taking such good care of her.

~Kaitlyn S.

I just want to say I love this place everyone is so kind and sweet companionate and understand I lost my princess overnight a year ago and in the morning I took her there and they were very sweet we got her cremated and they sent us a card and a poem about her with her name in it. I want to thank you guys for caring so much about our feelings that we were having! Animals are like our children and you guys enforce that I won’t go anywhere else!

~Emily E.

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