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Getting Real with Dr. Reese, 1st Edition

Each month we will be posting articles from Dr. Reese!

This way you can get information directly from the doctor!

The articles may be information or medical cases that Dr. Reese has seen.

(all cases are posted with the permission from the owner)

Zeus a 2 year old Canecorso Mastiff thought he could get a porcupine out of his yard on his own.

Unfortunately the porcupine had other plans. Zeus’ mom and dad had to bring him into our office to have quills removed from his face and mouth.

Zeus is feeling much better now that we removed all of the quills. He had a lot in his face and a few in his mouth.

Doctor Tip:

Quills are painful and very uncomfortable. The best way to remove quills is to pull them out under sedation at our office.