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You want me to bring WHAT to my pets appointment?

That’s right we said poop sample!

Fecal testing is an important part of your pets yearly exam. Not all veterinary hospitals test their fecal samples the same way. We send your pets stool samples out to a laboratory to test for intestinal parasites.

Did you know 34% of dogs in the United States have some kind of intestinal parasite, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that 14% of people in the U.S. have been exposed to the roundworm.

*So far in the month of August at our hospital we have had eight pets test positive for intestinal parasites during their physical exam.

All eight pets tested positive for one or more of the following parasites.

  • Hookworm-can be passed to poeple.
  • Roundworm-can be passed to people.
  • Whipworm

What can you do to protect your pet? 

Bring a stool sample to your pets yearly appointment. We will send your pets sample to the lab to ensure they are parasite free.

Doctor Tip: Make sure to stay on a once a month preventative.
You said what now?
For example Sentinel will not only protect your pet from heartworm, but deworm you pet once a month for roundworm,hookworm, and whipworm. Flea prevention will reduce the incident of your pet swallowing a flea causing tapeworms.

Did you know that some of the intestinal parasites that your pet may have can be transferred to you!

“How?” you ask. Accidentally ingesting worm eggs.

Have you ever let your dog lick you face? Younger children are at a higher risk for these parasites.