Getting Real With Dr. Reese, 4rd Edition

Getting Real With Dr. Reese, 4rd Edition

Meet Luna!!!

A two year old Great Dane.

Luna was here to have a laparoscopic spay and gastropexy.

What is a laparoscopic spay and gastropexy?

A laparoscopic spay(lap spay) is the removal of the ovaries using a camera though very small incisions.

What is the difference between a lap spay and a traditional spay?

The lap spay removes only the ovaries while the traditional spay removes the ovaries and uterus.

The traditional spay is more invasive and painful than a lap spay.

However we do offer both procedures at our hospital.

What is a gastropexy?

A gastropexy is a surgical procedure in which the dogs stomach is sutured to the body wall. This prevents the stomach from twisting and cutting off the blood supply.

Why should you consider doing a gastropexy especially in a large breed dog?

A gastropexy prevents the stomach from twisting if your dog should bloat.

Large deep chested dogs are prone to bloat.

If your dog would bloat, and the stomach would twist this is a life threating emergency!

Please call the office with any questions or concerns and my knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you make the best choice for your pet. Call  570-769-6088