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Getting Real with Dr. Reese, 3rd Edition

Each month we will post articles from Dr. Reese. This way you can get information directly from the doctor! The articles may be information or medical cases that Dr. Reese has seen.
(all cases are posted with the permission from the owner)

It’s that time of year, this is what we’ve been waiting for, spring is in the air!

various pet medications

Unfortunately for us and our pets, ticks, fleas, and mosquitos are enjoying the warmer temperatures too. Tick-spread disease is on the rise, and Pennsylvania has long been a hot bed for Lyme disease, ranking #1 in the nation. Ticks also can transmit other less known diseases such as Anaplasmosis and Ehrlichiosis to our canine companions.

Fleas can transmit disease to our feline friends such as Bartonella (cat scratch fever) and mycoplasma (feline anemia). Both dogs and cats frequently get flea allergy dermatitis causing them to lose hair and scratch excessively. They can also get tapeworms from ingesting fleas. Fleas commonly infest a residence quickly. Mosquitos transmit the deadly heartworm parasite from dog to dog. Internal parasites are always a threat in our environments for dogs and cats.

In my practice, I see tick-spread disease and internal parasite issues almost daily. As summer moves along, I’ll see fleas causing their usual problems mainly flea allergy and infestations almost daily as well, and I typically treat 1-2 heartworm cases each year.

In closing, don’t get lulled to sleep thinking my pet will never have these issues. With the new products available, prevention has never been easier.

*Simparica Trio is the newest option which covers everything in the above article with one pill monthly.

*We have other options as well such as Bravecto, a 3-month flea and tick preventative and Sentinel a once-a-month heartworm, internal parasite tablet and lastly a collar for fleas and ticks that lasts 8 months.